• Karystos is located in the southern most point of Evia and combines the mountains and the sea, harmony, peacefulness and beaches for every taste. If you are a fan of fish, this is the place for you, since Karystos is one from most important fishing spots in Greece.

  • Visit the old Venetian fortress which is located next to the harbour. It is estimated that it was built in the mid 13th century by the Venetians.  It was repaired, restored and embellished in 1960 by the Athens Archaeological Company.

  • On the outskirts of Karystos, above the village of Grampia one can visit the windswept red castle, Castello Rosso. It was built after the fall of Evia in 1205 by the Latins, at the sight where the ancient acropolis of Karystos used to be.

  • Dimosari Gorge is found on the north-eastern side of Mount Ochi and is considered to be one of the most beautiful treks in Greece extending 10 kilometres through the heart of Ochi amid trees leading to the lovely beach of Kallianou.  

  • East of the tallest part of Mount Ochi at an altitude of  900-1100m,  there is a small forest of centuries old wild chestnut trees that covers an area of  about 600 acres. “Kastanologgos” is a natural museum, where each  tree is a  living sculpture of nature. It forms a green oasis under the wild peak of Ochi, from where one has a  panoramic  view of the southern cape of Evia, South Evoikos sea all the way to Attica, and the northern Cyclades.

  • Karystos offers many beautiful beaches and innumerable coves that can be easily explored with a rental car or motorcycle, at a small distance from the town.Potami, Kallianoi, Agios Dimitrios, Agia.Paraskevi, Kavos, Giannitsi,and  Archaboli are only a few 

  • of the beautiful beaches that have the Aegean colour and style and are located in close proximity to the town of Karystos.

  • Try the traditional green pie (hortopita), cheese pie (tyropitara), and kourkoubines (handmade pasta), explore the unique villages and the sights of the region by rental car, and feel the sense of freedom the island offers.


  • From Eleytherios Venizelos Athens Airport, you can reach Karystos in a total of 90 minutes by ferryboat from the ports of either Rafina or Agia Marina. The town of Karystos is also 123 km from Halkida, 14 km from the port of Marmari, 30 km from Nea Styra, and 99 km from Eretria.




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